Cows & Effect, Space, and Bovines

The Game

Cows and Effect. A fun, casual little game that started off as a joke project after a game jam. The whole concept started around getting a random object to ‘hover’. Once that was accomplished, suddenly ideas came flooding. What if I can get something like an abduction beam running? Then that turned into, What if I can get a shield working? Can I add in effects to it? Can I make everything with effects? It kept expanding and expanding until the game became what it is now.

The Space

One of the mayor things I tried to be efficient on in this project was the amount of space it occupied in your device. Textures, Models, animations and sound files! You name it, and optimizations were, and are constantly being worked on to cut the size. A game that would normally weigh in on the 200’s, is now just below 80mb on an Android ATC Device. With some more work, the space could be lowered, or maintained at the same amount, and have even more added into the end product. The goal here is to optimize it enough to still be relevant in today’s market of tiny casual games, but still have enough content to enjoy for hours on end. With how many things have to be implemented, it’s become increasingly harder to maintain it below the 100mb mark, but for the main release the estimate is around 90mb. In it’s current stages however, it should be simple enough to keep down.

Why Cows?

Aside from the regular stereotype of UFO’s abducting cows, it’s the fact that cows hold a giant effect on humanity, and life as we know it. Cows not only a giant cause of global warming, are also amazing suppliers of an energy source that’s barely used in an economic way for life. These alienoids would be able to use this energy effectively. So in short, because cows are amazing.